About Me

Hi there, I'm Emma,

I started Herimagination 6 years ago as a place for me to share my outfits and celeberties who inspired me. Back when I started this blog I studying 'digital design and development' in college. Soon after I changed my studies to Communications Managment, with a major in Advertisment. I really enjoyed studying communications and figured I had found my thing. Unfortunatly life doesn't always go the way you plan it, and earlier this year I made the decision to halt my education. I'm currently looking for work, whilst working on this blog and my recently relaunched YouTube channel.

 Just like I have changed over these past 6 years, so has my blog. I recently took a little break from blogging, as I was no longer inspired with what I was writing. With Herimagination I still want to share my outfits, my beauty routines and the things that inspire me. But I also want to share the things I've learned as a 20-something about life. And how it's not the end of the world when you're in your twenties and have no clue what you want in life.