Closet favorites - Pink & Nudes

by - Thursday, May 18, 2017

You now I love my black/white/grey outfits, but lately, I've been loving pink & nude. Especially as a pop of colour in an all black outfit, which of course comes in the form of shoes.
I picked up these pink sneakers at H&M when I had kinda miscalculated the weather and I needed some warmer shoes. I'm been pretty much wearing them every day. I'm a sneaker girl, most of the time I'm wearing some sneakers, but sometimes sneakers are just a bit too casual, and I want to wear a bit of a heel but nothing too high, I still go to be comfortable. That's why I picked up these lovely nude sandal/shoes from Primark. They are the perfect height and they are a bit more dressy than a plain pair of flat/sneakers.


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  1. Great choices! I love pink so much!




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