Friday, March 31, 2017

4 things I adore about spring

4 things I adore about spring

I was born in Winter and I love everything Christmas, but after a few months of cold gray weather and having to wear a gazillion of layers to stay warm, I'm ready for spring and warm weather.

I can get pretty grumpy and down when the weather stays crappy for too long. But now that it's finally spring and the weather is getting nicer, (it's actually raining as I'm typing this but whatever) I couldn't be happier.
Today I've shared a few things I adore about spring.

  • I'm that much more productive when it's sunny and warm outside. I want to get up early and get shit done! 
  • I can finally wear all my spring/summer clothes again without freezing my butt off. 
  • Simply having a stroll around the city, drinking fresh juices/cold coffees. And watching people pass by has to be my favorite past-time during these warmer months. 
  • Eating healthy is that much easier when it's warmer and there are fresh fruits and veggies available in store. During winter there are too many opportunities to eat crappy food. 

I've been really digging these types of more suit/dress pants. I only have one pair, but I definitely want to get a few more pairs. They are super easy and comfy to wear. Plus I can wear them on job interviews but also just every day.
I've paired them with this jumper from Pull&Bear, which I got last year I think. It's a pretty boxy fit but the most fun part is the front is completely mesh, but not super see-through mesh if that makes any sense. And of course, a pair of sneakers because when I'm not wearing boots I'm wearing sneakers. Which is something I want to change this year, have a bigger variety of shoes.
WhiteJumperOutfit4 Horizontal Front3003 WhiteJumperOutfit3 Vertical Back 3003 WhiteJumperOutfit Backpack Detail3003 WhiteJumperOutfit1 Vertical Front 3003 WhiteJumperOutfit2 Vertical Back 3003

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