SHOPPED - Antwerp

by - Sunday, November 04, 2012

H&M Anna Del Russo
Went to Antwerp last Wednesday with my sister and cousin. The only thing I really needed was a pair of black boots, but of course I didn't buy any shoes.

H&M Anna Del RussoH&M Anna Del Russo
When the Anna Del Russo at H&M came out, I didn't even bother going to a store that had it cause I thought everything was just a bit too expensive for just being accessories. But when I saw some of it still in store at half price, I decided to take a peek at things.
Zebra Bracelet - €19.95
forever21 sweater
Forever 21 - €26.75
forever12 dress
Forever 21 - € 12.75

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  1. I love that gorgeous box the bracelet comes in! Such a pretty color and makes everything look more expensive


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