STYLE ICON - Lucy Hale

by - Saturday, November 10, 2012

style icon lucy hale
Since the weather isn't working along for outfit posts, I've decided to put together another style icon post. Hopefully the weather will be more cooperative next week. Anyway, on to the style icon.

Lucy Hale, aka Aria in Pretty Little Liars. I fell in love with that show and it's characters a while ago. My favorites are Aria and Spencer, though Emily has been growing on me (I'm halfway through season 2 btw). Back to Lucy Hale. 
She seems like a really fun girl and she has an amazing style.
I have a preference for her 'everyday style', cause I would wear most of it as well. 
Her 'red carpet style' is a lot more fancier and has more colors in it (that's what I found).

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  1. I'm so addicted to PLL and Lucy is stunning! I like her style more than I do Aria's though :p


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