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by - Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Since I have to be in the city for my exams and I most of the time have to wait half an hour for my bus back home, I've been checking out the sales quit a bit.
Though I haven't really found a lot of nice things.
Last week I found two pieces at Zara and that's about all I've found that I found nice (and was still in my size).


I'm probably not gonna get to wear this top for a long time, but it was only 5EUR instead of 20 so I had to buy it. And it looks super nice.

I love the pink lining and it has a little bit of an high-low hemline.
This sweater is a little bit more wearable for this weather (as far as slightly see-trhough and cut-out shoulders is appropriate when it's -5°C and there is like 10 cm of snow outside).
The pictures don't do this sweater justice it actually looks really good. On a side note, I'm almost done with my exams, I have my last exam next Monday and than I'm free from studying again.

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