by - Monday, February 04, 2013

I love music! It helps me study, it keeps me focused. It helps creativity flow.
My ipod goes everywhere with me and itunes is always one on my laptop. So I though I would share some of my favorites with you.
I have been obsessed with little mix lately. Their album has been on repeat almost non stop. Change your life is their third single of the debut album DNA. Not only are these girls amazing singers, they all have an amazing style as well. I'm sure you'll see them pop up on here some more.

The first song I heard of Trey Songz was 'say aah' which I got sick of after hearing it a couple of times and when they stopped playing it I kinda forgot about him. That was until I heard Heart attack and fell in love with him.

The same story kinda goes with Adam Lambert, I never really took an interest in him until the last halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars. I liked his performance there and I decided to go ahead and listen to his album. That was a good idea, his album Trespassing is just amazing.

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  1. Good choice of music!
    I love Little Mix and DNA is my anthem.



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