by - Saturday, January 04, 2014

1- Nasty Gal Off The Grid Crop Tank ; 2 - Breakup Shredded Jeans ; 3 - Linus Tartan Crop Top ; 4 - Tai Tartan Jersey Pencil Skirt ; 5 - Jaron PU Sleeve Tartan Baby Doll Dress ; 6 - Motel Verona Turtleneck Cropped Sweater ; 7 - Motel Bobbie Midi Skirt in Crushed Velvet ; 8 - Asos Cropped Pocket Jumper ; 9 - Asos Jumper in Leather Look ; 10 - Asos Strider Heeled Loafers
As a student who's glued to her desk for most of january, online sales are the best. I can quickly shop during my study break and I don't have to face the crowds nor do I have to tread through this awful rain which keeps falling from the skies.
I've actually managed to make a weather appropriate wishlist since a ton of stuff you find only on sale aren't always as weather appropriate.

I'll definitely be adding some more tartan to my wardrobe and I'm in desperate need of some more jumpers, preferably cropped ones as they go easier with high waisted skirts.
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  1. number 5 is awesome. i love the tartan print.



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