WISHLIST - spring shoes

by - Friday, March 14, 2014

Shoes, I love shoes. Whilst I was putting together my spring wishlist, I soon had enough shoes for a separate shoe post, so here it is.
These are all from ASOS by the way, don't every go browsing on there when you don't really know what you want, it's dangerous.
Lately I've been really loving flats again, or really stumpy heels if I'm in the mood for heels.
I love the look of white shoes, but they seem so impractical, my black shoes get dirty pretty fast, ow long will it take before a white pair is not white anymore? Still they look so nice, so I might just buy some this spring.

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3 reacties

  1. Seriously love number 3 and 2 - i'm a huge fan of the black and white combo! I seem to be loving lots of shoes at the moment too! Lovely collage put together.
    Loves of Lucy

  2. Love all the shoes, especially falling for the Jelly Sandals x

  3. Love those jeans <3



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