OUTFIT - Before the storm

by - Tuesday, April 08, 2014


These pictures were taken yesterday before it started storming, it's definitely chillier today and not crop-top weather anymore. Even yesterday it was really weird weather, it was warm but it was really waiting till it would start raining.
Like I promised I'm wearing something else then my ever present black flats and jeans.

As I said in last time I'm on break right now, I just wish easter break meant not having to to anything for college for a while, but it's actually when we have to finish most of our projects, studied teachers.
I've reinstalled the sims 3 earlier today and I've been playing it all afternoon, probably not the best move when I have a deadline next week and still no idea what my commercial is gonna be about, oops.
So I'm gonna go and try to make some progress on this stupid project.
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