RECAP - March

by - Tuesday, April 01, 2014

I can't believe it's already april, only two more months and this semester is over again.
Which means I should start reviewing my courses pretty soon, if I want to be ready for exams in June and I really need to get working on my projects. Enough about school and exams and projects now, even though that's basically what my life is.
I've been really lazy with dressing this month, I literally always wore a variation of one of these three outfits.

I didn't really buy a lot of things either, and what I bought wasn't that interesting.
I was contacted by a brand called Pieboy clothing, if they could sent me one of their hats. Now as you know I'm a major beanies person, so I was thrilled to receive one of their hats. I'm kinda (just a little bit) bummed out that it's getting to warm to wear beanies because this one is just amazing. My boyfriend treated me on two pants. I picked out these Zara tartan pants and a pair of jeans with a jogger pants type of fabric in the front. They're a pair of pants that you either love or you hate them, I thought they were really nice and perfect for a simple relaxed day. Otherwise I got some basic black jeans, my other ones were all ripped, so I needed a new pair and you've all seen these flats already. i've been living in them.

I've been trying to type this post for two days now, but bloggers keep annoying me with moving my pictures randomly in my posts. Hopefully this time they will stay in place. Hence why my outfits aren't in order, but every time I try to rearrange them blogger flips out, so I'm leaving them like this.
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  1. PIEBOY haha it would be so fun to rock that beanie.

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