Thursday, June 12, 2014

OUTFIT - Tumblr-esque

OUTFIT - Tumblr-esque

This top always gives me a very tumblry vibe, if you know what I mean. It's really something you expect to see on tumblr. Very appropriate since I'm a tiny bit obsessed with tumblr.

We've been having amazing weather here for the past week (if you don't think about the hail and rain from the past weekend). I try to enjoy this weather as much as I can since I still have one exam next monday.
I actually only spent one hour really outside, and I didn't bother putting sunscreen on, which resulted in sunburnt shoulders.

Now it's back to my books, since I just took a lengthy break to watch the opening ceremony of the world cup. I'm one of those people who has no interest in football/sports unless it's the world cup or the olympics. Surely I'm not the only one like that?
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  1. Lovely outfit! I really like the top


  2. Love this look! Your crop is fun :p
    Saskia! xo


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