OUTFIT - Autumn Colors

by - Tuesday, September 23, 2014

After the almost summery temperatures of last week, this week it's been feeling more like autumn. You can still go out without a jacket during the day (I think, I haven' actually left the house today, except for these pictures).
If you follow me on instagram, you have already seen these boots. I think I mentioned getting them when we went to primark last month, but somehow I never showed them.
For more then a year now I have wanted a pair of timberland's, but almost €200 is a bit much for me to spend on shoes and these were only €18, so bargain.
I kept the rest of the outfit really simple, I normally don't really use clutches because they are just annoying when you're out and about, but I wanted a different bag then the ones I always have.

I love the color if this top,it's one of my favorite colors especially for autumn/winter. My past few outfits have been pretty monochrome, and whilst I love black/white and grey. Red/Maroon has to be my favorite actual color.
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