LIFE - Primark Brussels Opening

by - Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I know I normally only post a video on Wednesday, but today is a bit different. Since today was the opening of a new Primark store in Brussels, the second one in Belgium and I was invited to go and have a look at it this morning before the official opening.

So instead of making a separate post I've decided to share some pictures of the store with you guys on this post. It's a smaller Primark then the one already in Liege, they don't have a kids department nor do they have a home selection, but they have all the make-up, shoes, bags and clothes that you could want.
I have to say I really liked the feel of this Primark, they went with a more urban industrial look for the store .

As for what I bought, you can see it all in the video and I'm sure you will be seeing everything pretty soon in outfit posts as wel.
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  1. De winkel ziet er écht veel beter uit dan in Nederland door die 'industrial' look!


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