HAUL - March 2015

by - Thursday, March 26, 2015

The end of the month means a round up of all the things I bought. I always go over my bank accounts and receipts at the end of the month and I was chocked how much money I spent this month on freaking Starbucks and their coffees.
Since I spent most of my money on coffee I didn't really buy that much clothes and interesting stuff.
And I know I've been really bad with keeping up with my regal schedule but I have the next three weeks off so hopefully I can focus on here a bit more.
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the clothesGEDC0035
I really only bought two actual pieces of clothing this month. This amazing gingham dress (which is from JBC, a store I normally never go into but last weekend I went shopping with my boyfriend and he wanted to take a look and then I found this little gem), at first I thought it was a two-piece but it is actually a dress that looks like a two-piece.
The other thing that I bought was this cropped high-neck top from H&M. Earlier this month a new H&M opened in Gent and they have the best collection in there (along with a home selection, from which I didn't buy anything weird enough)
the accessories & make upGEDC0045
I probably already have more then enough bags, but most of them are black and sometimes I don't fancy a black bag. This little bag is just big enough to carry all the essentials without being too big. And the combination of white and gold is a very classy combination.
My eyeliner was starting to get really dry so I needed a new one, I'm not really that fussy about eyeliner, as long as it stays in place I'm a happy girl.
I normally wouldn't have picked this one up, as €7.99 is a bit price for an eyeliner in my opinion, but there was a €2 discount on all Rimmel Eyeliners so I figured why not. I'm pretty pleased with it, despite it being quite a big liner, you can still make a fine wing it.

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  1. oh really love the print on the dress and the crop top! great finds :)



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