HAUL - MAY 2015

by - Thursday, June 04, 2015

Sorry for the silence on here the past two weeks. As you might know the end of the school-year means exams. So I've been busy studying and this week I had my first exams, only two more weeks to go. Anyway here are the things I bought last month.
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the make-upmakeup
I needed a new foundation, and they didn't have the right color in the store so I picked up a new one. I love this one, it's a bit more expensive then my other one, but it's such a nice finish, plus it has SPF30 in it, which is great for summer. I also needed a new concealer and of course I bought some more lipliners because I have an addiction to them.
These are by KIKO, they are only €2.50 but they are so creamy and amazing. I got the colors light sienna and brick red.
the clothesclothes
Clothing wise I didn't really buy much, just some basics and these funky pants. You've already seen the shirt dress here and I'm sure you'll see that top loads, it's one of those basic tops that work with everything for almost every occasion.
I bought these pants because they were on sale and I want some more pants that aren't jeans but I'm not sure yet what to wear it with. It's not a high waist so it's difficult to find a top to wear it with, since almost all my tops are cropped.

Hopefully I can keep up with my schedule again, but if I go missing again for a few days, I'm just busy with exams, and I should be back after two weeks!

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