OUTFIT - Porto Maurizio

by - Sunday, July 05, 2015

I know I said I would be back on a regular posting schedule after my exams were done, but then I decided to go along on vacation with my family, so I didn't really have any time for regular posting, since I had to get my vacation wardrobe ready in a week.

So I'm at the Italian coast right now, and I'm still here till the 11th of June. I have wifi so you can expect some posts but nothing regularly.
A few days ago we went to Porto Maurizio, where we did some yacht spotting. When you're around the Italian riviera, specifically around the more rich parts, you have to go check out the harbors for some amazing yachts. Some of them are crazy.
After that we had a quick and simple lunch, I'm currently living on panini's and bruschetta's, we rented two chairs by the beach and spent the afternoon tanning and enjoying the Mediterranean sea.

Since it's around 30°C around here everyday I'm sticking to shorts and simple tops.
I got these shorts from Primark and the top is from New Look. I got the shorts a size bigger then I would normally get because I wanted them to be a bit more baggy.
Don't pay any attention to my red and sweaty face, in these temperatures I'm always a sweaty mess.
Except when I'm hiding in our caravan with the air-conditioning on, where I'm now writing this post.
I'm gonna stop blabbing now and go and enjoy the weather some more. Ciao!
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