Thursday, September 03, 2015

INSTA - August 2015
It's september! Which means it's time for fall and (some of you might think I'm a bit early)halloween!
I was finally actually home this month, but I spent most of it studying for resits and actually taking them. I'll have my results next week.
Other then that I didn't really do much noteworthy things in august, but here you have an overview of it anyway.
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The first weeks of August the weather was still pretty nice, and I didn't have to spend every moment indoors studying.
In August it was also finally the opening of the long awaited primark in Gent, I can tell you it won't do my saving any good having a primark this close. Not that I have any self control otherwise when it comes to buying things, like this wired basket, which I had to have even though I have no idea what I could use it for.
I don't know who thought it would be a great idea but putting exams at 8:15 in the morning is just way to early. My brain isn't awake yet, thankfully there is coffee.
I told you I can't save money for the life of me.
Studying and semi-healthy snack to get through resits.
I'm getting really tired of my hair color, it's so drab and plain. I want something else, just not sure what...
Since the weather has been anything but summer this past week, it was time to top up my tan with this tanning spray from Primark, it's surprisingly good for being only €3.5

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