Thursday, November 26, 2015

HAUL - November 2015
Can you believe it's already the end of November and that Christmas is in a month! I skipped last month's haul because I couldn't remember what I had bought…but I did put aside everything I bought this month.

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The Make Up MakeUp
I finally got around to buying an eyelash curler, and I can't remember how I lived without it. It makes your lashes look so much more better. This one is from Catrice, it came with a removable comb on the front, for separation of the lashes but I find that you don't really need that.
And it wouldn't be right if I didn't buy more lipliners, I might have a small problem… I can't control myself when I'm in a drugstore and I see nude colored lipliners.
The ClothesClothes
I bought a lot of pants this month, since I'm starting work next week and I need black pants I stocked up on some more. I also bought this lovely b/w shirt from H&M and a super long green top from Zara
I was in Primark getting some new sock but of course I ended up buying this small black bag. It just about fits my wallet, phone and keys, so I'm never dragging along tons of stuff I don't need when I'm using this bag.
The RestCandles
When it get colder and darker outside there will be almost alway a candle burning in my room, or several. Since I had burned up most of my winter candles last year I need some new once. I love ikea their candles as wel as the candles by the brand bolsius. The smell delicious without being too overwhelming for a bedroom.

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