Tuesday, March 28, 2017

My go-to fake tan

I don't mind being pale during winter and fall, but when the sun comes out and temperatures start rising I like being a bit more tan. But since I'm naturally pretty pale and don't tan very easily, plus who can be bothered to sunbath for hours or ruin their skin under a tanning bed.

I had previously used tanning products by Garnier and Dove, but as I didn't use them that often I didn't really like spending a lot of money on them. So when I saw Primark their tanning range I took a leap of faith and bought some. Honestly, I was a bit fearful, what if I turned out like some orange Oompa loompa.
Luckily I didn't turn out orange, and this is already the third bottle off fake-tan I have from them. I've also never had any issues with it streaking or applying patchy. Overall it's a great range for its price.

This is their gradual tan so you need to apply it a few time if you want a darker effect, and if I'm honest if you want a really dark tan this is not the product for you. I'm not sure if they have a darker one, I know they used to have them but the range changed last year (I think, I'm not sure since I don't pay any attention to fake tanning stuff in winter).

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