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NEW IN - Beauty Bits

NEW IN - Beauty Bits

New In Pallete0903
I normally don't buy that much new makeup, most of the time I just replace what has run out but the past month I had gotten bored with the makeup I got. So I picked up some new items some of which are already favorites.  I also needed some new skin care items, but I'll start with the makeup

Sleek Highlighter - Solstice: I love highlighter, it truly finishes off a look. I already have the MUA Pink shimmer highlighter and whilst I love it, I wanted some more variety.  When I saw these Sleek highlighter palette I immediately fell in love. They had two different once, this one and one with more metal colors. I opted for this one because of that amazing lilac highlighter, which is surprisingly wearable on an everyday basis.

Face & contour palette: This face palette I picked up from Action for only €2 I think. I wasn't expecting much of it, I mainly picked it up the try out the banana-coloured powder. But this palette pleasantly surprised me, the pigmentation is pretty damn decent and I can even use the contour colors on my pale skin tone

Max&More Eyeshadow palette: I don't own that many eyeshadows before I picked up this one I had an MUA palette and a Kiko palette. I picked this up on a whim when I bought the face palette in Action. Like I said I had been bored with the makeup I got so some new eyeshadows would be nice.
Just like with the face&contour palette I'm really impressed with the pigmentation of these eyeshadows.
New In Make up20903
Essence Instant Matt Setting Spray:  I don't bother with primers when it comes to makeup but I don't leave the house without setting my face with a Setting spray. It makes a huge difference in how long my makeup stays on and it just looks so much nicer.  That being said I'm not that picky about them. So when they didn't have the one I had, which was a Catrice one, I decided to try this one from Essence.

Catrice Prime&Fine Ultimate Lipscrub&balm: Weirdly enough my lips weren't that dry this winter, but almost as soon as it started getting warmer my lips got so dry and chapped. I still have plenty of lip balms but I had run out of lip scrub when I saw this combo in the drugstore. I've been using it every morning and my lips are much better. It's not that harsh of a scrub so you can totally use it every day.

Catrice Camouflage Cream Wake Up Effect: I'm one of those people who always have dark under eye circles no matter how much sleep they got. So I need a good concealer to cover them up and make me look more awake. I've been looking for the best budget under-eye concealer for a while and this one is definitely a winner. It covers my circles pretty well and gives me a more fresh awake look.

Catrice Liquid Camouflage: Since the Camouflage Cream I just talked about is more of a pink tone, you definitely need an extra concealer to go on top of it. I only recently bought this concealer so I'm still trying it out, but so far I really like it. I especially like the color, it's pale enough for my fair skin to still be highlighting.
New In Beauty0903
Kruidvat Skin Science Deep Cleansing Cream:  I normally buy my cleansing wash from Hema but I had run out and I just happened to be at the drugstore and this cleansing cream was on offer, I figured I could give it a go. I've just it for about a week now and so far I like it, it has some small exfoliating particles which really cleanse your skin, but they're small enough to be a daily cleanser.

Kruidvat Originals Aloe Vera Day Cream:The story with this day cream is pretty much the same as the cleansing cream. I had run out of my regular one and this was pretty affordable and I already use a few products of the Kruidvat Originals. They're all lovely product for their price (almost all the products are €1.99). I already have their almond eye cream and night cream, but for a day cream I picked up this aloe vera. It's a more lightweight formula which I like more for a day cream.

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