OUTFIT ¦ It's keeps playing tricks

by - Saturday, May 14, 2011

outfit - sitting

Blogger is finally working again, so I can update at last.
The weather has been playing tricks with us, one moment it's almost like summer and the next it's quiet chilly again.

The next couple of months will be fairly busy, so there might less updates.
Since I'm one month away from exams, I'll spend a lot of time inside studying and working on school-projects.

outfit - standing
outfit - sitting
outfit - back

Jacket - H&M
Top - unknown
Jeans - Coolcat
Sandals - Shoe Discount

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4 reacties

  1. Ok die schoenen heb'k ook aangedaan, die bleven maar uitvallen :D Ik kreeg die niet goed! En ik denk dat we die tuinzetelkes ook hebben. Haha :p

  2. Lovely!Nice blue jeans!I love stitches they have!

    always welcome to my blog


  3. @Tessa Cornelis - Tuinstoelen komen van leenbakker (dacht ik ten minste toch), schoenen zijn inderdaad wat vervelend vooral tijdens het wandelen

    @Natalie Pol - Thanks, I love those stiches

  4. cute look, love your sandals!

    XO Sahra


Thanks for all the comments