SHOPPED ¦ All I need now is the sun

by - Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm sorry for yet another shop log.
But it are sales after all, and I'm the kinda person that will buy tons of stuff, but all in small bits.

Sunday I went out for lunch with my family to Ostend.
And after our lovely lunch, we decided to go shopping for a bit.
I don't have any picture of that day it self, since it was almost constantly pouring rain that day.

I (finally) bought a maxi dress, now all I need is some warmer weather to wear it.

It's not a floor grazing dress, I would just trip over my dress all the time.
It end just at my ankles.

Maxi-dress - H&M

I also bought these lovely sunglasses at Pimkie.

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