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by - Friday, July 22, 2011

And with that I mean where I work for my blog, my room.
Well at least my part of our room, since I have to share my room with my sister.
But I won't complain about that, I do that enough already at home.

So since I share my room with my sister, I don't have like picture that show like the entire room cause my sister is really messy and cause I don't think she would like to have her part of our room displayed on the internet.

My lovely macbook, I couldn't live without it anymore.
I originally bought it for school, but of course my blog wouldn't be anywhere without it.

A couple of months ago I also bought a magic mouse. Since every cheap mouse I would use, would end up not working anymore after a couple of weeks, I decided to spend a bit more on a decent mouse.

An impression of my magazines. I love magazines, they are a great inspiration, not only fashion wise, but for me they are also a great inspiration for my schoolwork.
I mostly buy 'Elle Belgium', Marie Claire (again the dutch one) and Glamour (also the dutch one)

Another passion of mine is reading books.
Ever since I was a little kid, I would read tons of books.
I even remember once on a holiday for two weeks I had brought 7 books, after one week I've already read them all, so I had to read my moms books as well.

I really love all kinds of books, from fantasy to chick-lit to story's based on true facts.
So if any of you have any good book suggestions, let me know.

For me fashion and beauty go hand in hand.
You can be dresses in the latest trends, but if you hair of your make-up looks awe full, it just doesn't work.

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