OUTFIT - wham, it's pink

by - Friday, March 22, 2013

Meet my newest bag, this bright coral beauty was on sale at H&M for only 10EUR, so I brought her home with me. I know I already own more than enough bags, but most of them are black, grey or brown so a bright colored bag was a nice addition to my collection.

I kept my outfit really simple, since fridays are my days of, I mostly spend them catching up on tv-shows, homework and cleaning.
You're all probably sick of my beanie by now, but I need to get a haircut real bad. So the beanie stays on.
And yes I was freezing my ass off while taking these pictures, hence there not being a lot of pictures.
The weather needs to get better, since I'm done with wearing winter/fall clothes.

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  1. Aww love that bag! SUCH a nice colour - although probably not very practical! Haha

    I have a new ootd post on my blog if you want a peek


  2. cool outfit! That bag! God love it! You were lucky getting it at that price! :)



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