OUTFIT - Lost Summer Days

by - Saturday, September 14, 2013

90s crop top - ASOS , Cardigan - ONLY , High waisted jeans - H&M , Studded Loafers - BEST MOUNTAIN
I can't believe these pictures were only taken last week. If I were to go out like this today, I would be in bed for the next week with a nice and lovely cold.
I've been ready for fall, I just expected the first days to be a bit dryer, it literally has rained every day the past week. Of course it's gonna rain during my last days of before school starts again.
But I managed to keep myself busy with cleaning both my room and my boyfriends room.
It's something I like doing when it's rainy and cold outside, and it keeps me busy for a couple of days.
Plus me cleaning results in a trip to ikea most of the time cause I need like some extra stuff for my room and I love Ikea.

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