OUTFIT - all dressed up

by - Saturday, November 09, 2013

Blouse # H&M
Sweater # H&M
Pants # H&M
Shoes # H&M
Bag # Zara

Still confided to my bedroom and a remote to get my pictures, but we're not letting the weather stop us from blogging. And the lighting was actually working along with me for a change.

This is what I wore thursday for my interview. Since I had to get up early I really couldn't be bothered with jewelry and accessories. The pants are the focus of this outfit, and the blouse adds a pop of color and an blouse is always great for an interview or presentation.
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2 reacties

  1. I love the sweater + collared tee combo, it's perfect.
    Your room is lovely!


  2. I love this outfit so much!! Just followed your blog on gfc xxx


Thanks for all the comments