OUTFIT - Red Coat

by - Thursday, November 07, 2013

Since it's been raining all week, I had to make do with the camera, a tripod and a remote, because my photographer was also unavailable.
The pictures didn't turn out that bad, of course it's easier when somebody else takes them but we got to make do with what we have.
Hopefully the weather get better soon, so I can get my pictures taken outside again.

This outfit is from earlier this week. A sweater and a dress is soon becoming my go-to winter/fall outfit.
Here I opted for a stripped bodycon dress from forever21 and my trusty h&m sweater. For the sake of these pictures I actually put on some other shoes then my boots that I've been living in.

I had an interview this morning for an internship, and it went really well. I'm hoping I can start by the 28 lastly. It's only eight days, so two days a week and I'm done nicely before the holidays. And then the studying can begin again, but I'm not thinking about that just yet.
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