RECAP - a year in outfits

by - Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I'm using this post as an excuse to get away from my french which I'v been studying non stop since last thursday. I've seen a few blogs to a post like this and I loved going through all my outfits.
My favorites have to be the ones from the last few months. What are your favorites?

I'm not really doing anything this eve, I plan on making dinner with my boyfriend and then discuss which movie we'll see (I want to watch the sound of music, but my boyfriend hates that movie).
No big parties this year as I'm super tired from studying full time for the past days.

Next time I'll speak to you guys will be in 2014,  I still can't believe the year is already over.
2013 was a good year, it had its ups and downs but overall there were more ups then downs.
There were no huge breaks on the blog though I'm missing two months for outfits. The last couple of months I've started getting into a routine of posting three times a week and I think I'm gonna try and keep up that schedule in 2014, maybe a bit more outfit posts.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope you'll all have a great evening x

(I've posted all my outfits after the read more, so that my homepage doesn't get to picture heavy )
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