RECAP - February

by - Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Hello march, and hopefully hello spring!
I'm sorry for not blogging last week, I was busy with schoolwork and I didn't feel like blogging.
I'm still super busy with schoolwork, we started a new project this week and it's quit a tight deadline.
But hopefully it won't come in the way of blogging to much.
I stillhaven't found the right balance between blogging and school, since last semester I only had6 hours of classes and now I have 16 hours plus a few projects.
For those of you interested in the project, we have to make a campaign for the European Commission about their opportunities for young people who are looking for a job. it's part of a European compition for advertising students.

I'm really hoping March will be a proper spring month and that we won't be surprised by a sudden winter peak. Because I want to start wearing skirts again without thick tights and leave my coat at home (of course I'd still wear a jacket).
But knowing the belgian weather,it'll propbably rain quit a bit.

Since you've already seen everything I bought this month in outfits, I've just added them in this post.
Since it seemed a bit silly to give them a separate post.
You can tellthat February comes after January and December and that it's most of the time a month of saving money instead of spending.

How was your February?
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  1. Great outfit recaps. Love those croc embosses vans.



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