Tuesday, April 29, 2014

OUTFIT - Blue heels & Red lips

OUTFIT - Blue heels & Red lips

Another very casual outfit, with the way this weather is behaving I just don't know what else to wear. One moment it's nice and warm, the next you're getting soaked and it's freezing (well not freezing, but it can get pretty cold when the sun is hiding behind clouds). This outfit is basically what I wore to college yesterday (minus the heels, I love these heels but they are a pain to walk in).
I'm trying to actually be productive today and do some college work, I've done a few things but I really don't like my courses this semester, which results in wanting to study them. Plus I still have to do that 8-day internship I was supposed to do last semester, if any of my belgian readers know of any advertising agencies who would take on an intern for 8 days, let me know (preferably close to Kortrijk).
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  1. Love this look, you look gorgeous x



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