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RECAP & HAUL - April 2014

RECAP & HAUL - April 2014

I know I say this every month, but where the hell does time go?! Honestly these months are getting shorter and shorter. I want to tell you guys about all the fun and exiting thing I did this past month, but I didn't really do anything fun, except shopping in Antwerp two weeks ago.
I don't to complain to much, but I've been quite lonely this semester, most of my friends I haven't seen since January since they're all working on their internships and stuff. It's not like I can't hang out with my classmates from this semester, but when everybody lives in different cities it's not always that easy, plus I'm not really the kind of person to ask people out, since I don't want to be a bother.

That's enough of my depressing blabbing, let's have a look at what I bought.
As I mentioned I went to Antwerp with my cousins, sister and brother two weeks ago. The main objective was to find a pair of mom jeans, and I actually succeeded.I did buy some other things too, you can find them all after the read more.
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This was the first time I actually went inside the river island store in Antwerp, it's been there since 2010 (I think?), but I've never actually check it out. Bad idea going in there, there were so many nice things that I would have spent all my money on stuff from river island. But I was a good girl and only bought this one piece. It's an adorable little romper, with some lovely cut-out details on the back, I'm sure you'll see it come around once the weather starts heating up again.
I got my mom-jeans at New Look, they were the first thing I saw in the store and I love them as you have seen already by the past couple of outfits.
The top my boyfriend actually found hanging on the sales rack, it was the only one left and it's a size 16 (I'm normally a 8/10) but I tried it on and I actually like the oversized look, plus I want to try more colors this spring/summer, especially more soft pastelly tones.
H&M has some great bits this season, the past year I hadn't really been that big of a fan of H&M their collection, but they have some nice things this season and a ton of great basics as well. The white shirt is perfect for summer and I can't wait to pair it with a pair of high waisted short, some simple earrings, a necklace and a pair of sneakers and be ready to go.
The grey top was only €2.95 so I could not leave it there plus you can never have too much basic tops.
I already told you guys about this vest and what a bargain it was and I'm sure I'll get tons of wear out of this.Now it's perfect to throw on when I'm wearing a cropped top and high waisted jeans since it can be chilly in the shadows. And for summer this is the perfect throw on to cover-up your bum when you're wearing shorts and it's getting chillier at night.

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