Tuesday, April 22, 2014

OUTFIT - grungy spring

OUTFIT - grungy spring

I'm totally in love with my new mom jeans, this time I've styled them up a bit more grungy. I got this cardigan today for only €3 (instead of €30), complete bargain right.
Since the weather has been typical belgian weather, a cardigan or some sort of jacket is needed, as it will just start pouring for like ten minutes and then the sun will be out again.

Spring/easter break is over, so it's back to college for a few more weeks, I can't believe this semester is almost over again. I don't want to think about the amount of stuff I still need to do before the end of this semester, plus I haven't even started studying yet, HELP! I always end up stressing and over thinking things when exams are getting closer, and it doesn't help my productivity a lot. Most of the time I end up doing other things so that I don't have to think about school.
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  1. Great look :D


  2. You look awesome! This outfit is so simple, yet so dang cool x



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