Thursday, May 08, 2014

LIFE - What's in my bag
I've done this post already a few times, but since the last time was around year ago, I figure I would give you guys an update on what I have in my bag.
Most of it is pretty similar to last year, but some little things have changed. I'm also grabbing my smaler bag a lot more often, so then I just have my phone, wallet, keys and what ever lipstick I'm wearing with me.

I'm sorry for the short posts this week, the next few posts may also be on the more shorter side as I'm getting finishing all my projects and I have to start studying for exams. So I'm pretty busy and not really that fussed about what I'm wearing. I'll try to keep up my regular schedule of three posts a week, but you might be getting some more tumblr inspiration posts then normally. I'm sure my college/uni students can understand me.
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