OUTFIT - Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

by - Saturday, August 09, 2014

Top - Primark # Jeans - Primark # Espadrilles - Pull&Bear # Backpack - H&M # Choker - Ebay # Bracelets - ASOS & DIY 
I normally don't bother with buying ripped jeans, since most of my jeans have the tendency to rip by themselves after a while. But I really liked the cut of this pair and since it was only €17, I decided to buy them.
These are perfect for the type of weather we're having at the moment, it can be sunny and warm but it also can be chilly and raining.

My boyfriend and I went to La Roche on wednesday, visiting some of his family there and we ended up staying the night at a small B&B. Since we didn't really need to be anywhere the next day and we had no plans. We decided to drive over to Liège to go and snoop around in Primark, as it was only an hour away instead of the two hours something drive from our hometown.
That's where I picked up these jeans as wel as (yet another) pair of boots. I need to be stopped when it comes to shoes, I already don't have any space in my room anymore for the amount of shoes I have right now. I did a shoe collection post last year but I think I might do a new one. Let me know if you want one.

Love Emma xx
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3 reacties

  1. Lovely outfit! I have the same top but in black :)
    I love to wear it with a strapless bra :)


  2. Love the shoes!! Can't believe they're from Primark! Might have to get myself a pair. You can never have too many pairs of shoes :)


  3. Die broek is echt gaaf! Echt een mooie boyfriend jeans


Thanks for all the comments