HAUL - September 2014

by - Wednesday, October 08, 2014

I'm sorry for disappearing for a week again, my boyfriend was home thursday and friday (unexpectedly) so I spent some more time with him all through the weekend. But here is a small haul with some more stuff I bought over the past month.
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Living Stuff
Don't go in to an Ikea with me if you're in a hurry, you won't leave the store anytime soon. I really love Ikea okay, most of my furniture is from there as well.
I've been searching for a new bedding for the winter months for a while, and I love Ikea bedding, they always have great designs and they aren't super expensive (which some bedding can be, especially for a big double bed). I also picked up some more frames to hang up above my bed, for the pictures I just took some from tumblr and printed them in grayscale.

I love nail polish and I love the whole matt look. This matt-topcoat makes any nail polish you have matt, it's way easier then buying every color in a shine version and a matt version.
I've also bought another one of those brown/nude kylie jenner lipsticks, which I still love.
You've seen all these clothes already before in outfit posts, the jeans and top are both from H&M and the vest is from C&A. 

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