BEAUTY BITS #4 - Perfumes

by - Thursday, February 19, 2015

I'm not really a perfume girl, despite the amount of bottles I have. Out of all these perfumes I've only bought one myself, the others were all gifts.
I like perfume, it's just so expensive and I forget to put some on a lot of days.
I've only included actual perfumes, not samples or body splashes in this post.
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These four perfumes are my top favorite as you ca probably tell. The guess one I just got for valentines day and I've been wearing it every day since.
My number one has to be the D&G light blue, I love that scent, I'm not even gonna try and describe the scent because I suck at that.
My Tommy Girl one I've had since I was 16 and back then I always felt like it was a too heavy scent, but now I'm in love with it.
The last one is by Frederico Mahora, and if I check the number it matches the scent with Chopard Cascade.
These are all my other perfumes, while I like these I'm less likely to grab one of these.

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