HAUL - February 2015

by - Thursday, February 26, 2015

I didn't really buy much this month, partially because I'm a bit broke in the month after Sales and because the weather is still crap but in the stores you have all these nice spring clothes. I don't even bother buying them as the weather won't allow me to wear them anyway.
I bought one long sleeve midi dress from H&M and that is it fashion wise.
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At the beginning of the month Kiko was having a major sale on their click-system palettes. So I bought one and six eyeshadows to get started on filling the palette. This was the first time I checked out their eyeshadow and I'm pretty impressed. The eyeshadows for the click-system each cost €4 and they are pretty good quality, plus they're a decent size. (I might do a more in-depth review on the palette later, so look out for that).
I also picked up one of their smart lipliners in rouge noir, it's a nice dark purply-red color. I love Kiko lip products, definitely check them out when you're in a Kiko store (or online)
So next to Valentine's day, February is also the month of my boyfriends and mine's anniversary. Being the amazing boyfriend that he is, Niels (my boyfriend) bought me some Harry Potter things!
If you know me you might be aware of my slight obsession with all things Harry Potter, so I was super thrilled when he gave me these.

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  1. nice products! love the lip liner.
    and the Harry Potter items are so cute ^__^ love it.

    Life In Pastel


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