by - Thursday, May 07, 2015

I'm a bit late with my instagram round of of last month, but as you can see there is a new layout, which is why I'm late with this post. I was working on fine tuning this layout (and in the meantime studying as well).

I wanted a new layout with the option for bigger pictures and less clutter on the sides. I hope everything is alright and nothing is acting too weird. If you see anything weird, feel free to tell me and I'll fix it.

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Every month I get out my blog planner and plan out the month and check my stats of the previous month // Sushi date with the boyfriend (at home but still)
When the weather is as nice as it was last month, we like to go on long walks with ur dog // Every year I'm always envious of those going to coachella
We had some seriously nice weather in April and I fully enjoyed it

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