HAUL - April 2015

by - Thursday, April 30, 2015

I'm sorry for the silence on here these past two weeks, I just wasn't in the mood for blogging. But I'm back now, and since it's the end of the month again, that means a haul.
I haven't bought any clothes this month, I did buy some accessories and some make-up.
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the accessorieshat
I bought this hat in the beginning of this month, when we went away for a week after easter.
It was the last one in the store and I was really doubting wether I should buy it or not.
I'm really glad I did, since it's definitely gonna be something I wear a lot this summer.
I love H&M their accessories this season, they are so on point.
I know I don't really need anymore bags, but I felt like I needed a new bag, you know what I mean.
So I got a new bag.

the make-upnailpolish
I kinda bought these nail polishes on whim, but I really like the colors. They're pretty and summery.
Of course I bought some more nude lip products. I'm still obsessed with the nude lip.

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