HAUL - August 2015

by - Thursday, August 27, 2015

I'm sure I forgot some things that I bought when I was taking these pictures, but my brain is just very tired from studying. Anyway this should be the majority of what I bought this month, including my primark bits that I scored during the opening.
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I normally don't buy that many beauty things, but this month I kinda splurged a bit on eyeshadows. A while ago I bought an empty eyeshadow palette from Kiko and this month I bought some more eyeshadows for it. I of course also couldn't stop myself from buying more lip product, what can I say I might have a problem.
I also picked up a new peeling for my face and this tanning spray from primark, which is pretty good for the price.
I might have gone a bit overboard with shoes. But Primark has the most amazing shoes in their collection right now and I had a giftcard so yeah.
Randome Bits
I thought it would be nice to show you guys some other bits I got over the past month which don't really fall under fashion or beauty.
During the opening of the Primark in Ghent there was a breakfast-bar and if you asked a coffee/tea you got it in this cute mug which we were allowed to keep, how awesome is that.
I needed a new pencil pouch and a little speaker for when I want to listen to music, I got both at Action. And I finally found a cute phone-case; I've got a Wiko Rainbow, and since it's not a very common model it's pretty hard to find cute cases for it, but this one comes from an e-bay-shop.
I didnd't really buy that many clothes, when I went to Primark a few week ago, the weather was still nice and I didn't want to start buying winter/fall clothes already so I just picked up these two dresses.

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