NEEDS - Fall Essentials

by - Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fall is one of my favorite season, it's especially my favorite season fashion-wise. You can start wearing those cozy jumpers but you're not freezing your but off trying to look cute.
I've had a browse around ASOS and I've put together some fall essentials for this season.
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In fall you need a coat, but you can still get away with a lighter coat/jacket on some days. I've been looking for a nice camel coat since last year but I ended up buying my black fluffy Zara coat, so I might invest in one this season. I love bomber jackets and leather jackets for when it's a bit warmer but you still need a jacket.

The best thing about fall is the fact that you can wear jumpers again. I love jumpers in all colors and styles as long as they are cozy.

I might have developed a bit of a love for midi pencil skirt. They are just so comfy, easy to combine and super versatile. Plus they are great for those fall days when you don't want to bust out those thighs but you want to wear a skirt.

Most the time though I'll grab some pants and a throw a jumper on and be done with it. I've already have too many jeans, I need to invest in some other pants, once that are a bit more grown-up as well.

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