Saturday, January 16, 2016

PERSONAL - life update

PERSONAL - life update

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Hi remembr me? I'm sorry for all of a sudden vanishing half way through December. It wasn't a planned hiatus, I had every post for the rest of the month planned out but then life happend. As you might remember, I finally found a job for the month of December, working at Zara men. If you've ever worked Retail you probably know that things can get a bit busy during the run up of the holidays and the actual holidays as well. Add in Christmas activiteit and having to study for the upcoming exams. I just didn't have that much time left for blogging.

Now that my contract is over and I've had my busiest week of exams, I'm back with a new plan and tons of new ideas. I'm currently at Sunpark for a suprise weekend my boyfriend aranged for me, so I'll keep this post pretty short. I'll update you guys on the rest of my life sometimes later this week when I have better wifi and more time.

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