MUSTHAVES - Winter Nights

by - Thursday, December 10, 2015

Wintertime is the perfect time to pamper yourself and enjoy the colder weather from inside.
These are my must haves for a cold winter night. Snuggle up under these super cozy blankets and throw on some warm festive pjs, I would recommend Primark for both the blankets and super cosy pjs.
When it gets dark this early you definitely want to light some lovely scented candles. The candle I'm burning here is a sugar & spice scented candle by bolsius, this brand is one of my go-to candle brands  but Ikea has some amazing ones as well.
Since most  tv-shows are on break during the wintertime, you have the change to catch up you tv-shows if you're like be an watch way to many show so you end up lagging behind on a few episodes. Or you could of course start watching some new shows, I've started watching reign, instead of catching up on my dozen other shows…
A winter night wouldn't be complete of course without some hot chocolate, so go make yourself a cup before you snuggle up and enjoy your night.
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