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Just like in February, I usually don't buy that many clothes in March. Even though spring is getting closer, it's still rather chilly.
I did buy a few new things, mainly beauty stuff though. Clotting wise I just picked up an outfit for easter, as we're having family over for lunch and I like to use things like family lunches/dinners as an excuse to buy new clothes, I can't be the only one who does that right? Anyway enough blabbing, I'm sure you're more interested in what I actually bought this month.
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The ClothesclothesShirt - H&M ; Jeans - H&M
I'm not sure if white jeans are a great idea since I'm probably gonna make a mess when I wear these, but I've been really loving white jeans for spring and these were only €9,99 and as you know I'm a sucker for great deals like this. I've gotten quite a few of these cheap jeans at H&M and I really like these and since I manage to get rips in all my jeans within a year anyways.
The top isn't something I would normally wear but I really liked it.
The AccessoriesaccesoriesI didn't actually need new sunglasses or more earrings, but I always end up having a look and buying some anyway. The glasses are from primark and the earrings are from H&M, I can't seem to find them only but I bought them both quite recently so you should still be able to find them instore.
The BeautybeautyLiquid Lipstick - Primark ;Matte Lipstick - Primark ;Dark Eye Concealer - Catrice ;Lipstick & Lipliner - Kiko Cosmetics ;Highlighter - MUA ;Nightcream & eyeroller - Kruidvat ;Straightner - Phillips
I need a few new essentials for my night routine plus some new hairtools, since my old straightner wasn't really doing it's job anymore.
If anybody is looking for some budget matte nude lipsticks, I totally recommend the Primark ones. I'm in love with them, they're actually pretty good for the price. I also picked up a lip-set from kiko a while back and this dark circle eraser from catrice which has been added to my basic face, it really lightens up my under eyes.
Lastly I picked up a new highlighter from MUA, because highlighter are slowly becoming my new favorite make-up product, although I don't think they'll every beat lip products. I picked up this pink highlighter, they also have a champagne colored one and I'm kinda bummed that I didn't pick that one up as well so I might actually still get that one later…

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