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by - Thursday, September 22, 2016

Even if I wouldn't be a blogger, I would probably still be on my phone just as much.
I have an iPhone 5, 16GB. Even with it being an older model I'm still very happy with my phone.

As for it only being 16GB, well it keeps me from putting stuff on my phone that I don't ever use or need.Same with pictures, if I want to keep them I transfer them to my computer so that they don't clutter my phone.

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Even though my is only 16GB, I still have quite a few apps on it.

  • Manual : This is my go-to camera app when I'm taking pictures with my phone. It just gives you that little bit of extra, like when you take pictures with your DSLR. 
  • VSCO : Just like the majority of the people I use VSCO to edit my pictures and add a filter on them. 
  • Aviary : This is the other editing app that I use. I mostly use this one for making my pictures whiter and make certain parts grey. 
  • UNUM : Every since VSCO had their update, I use UNUM to plan my Instagram feed and check if the pictures match the others. The great thing about it is that you can already add your caption and then it copies it to Instagram for you. 
Social Media : I guess these are all no-brainers. So I've just added them with links to my accounts. Go follow them if you haven't already. 
  • My Orange : This app is from my phone provider, I only really use it to check if I'm going over my limits or when my bill is due. 
  • Stocard : This is a great app if you have a lot of loyalty cards, but always forget them when you're actually out. I have added all my card on this app and now I always get my points or discounts. 
  • Pokemon GO : Come on, I bet everyone who was a kid in the 90's has this on their phone. Even if I haven't played it for a while I still keep it on my phone. 
  • TVShow Time : This is a great app when you watch a lot of TV-shows. You can simply add them and then you'll get notifications when there are new episodes, plus you can track where exactly you are on the show. 
  • Youtube : I guess this is another no-brainer. I don't really watch that many videos on my phone but I like to check which new video I have in my subscription box and then add them to my watch later list. 
  • Netflix : I guess this one also kinda explains itself. 
  • Spotify : I don't even bother with buying music, I always use Spotify when I want to listen to music. 
  • Podcast : This summer I started listening to podcasts, sometimes I don't feel like music but I don't want to sit around in silence either so a podcast if great. Let me know if you want me to do a post on my top podcasts. 
  • HERE WeGo : This has been my go-to GPS for the past few weeks. The thing I love about it is the option to use your cards offline. You can also search for certain places nearby. 
  • iCoyote : Another GPS, this one I get a free subscription with my phone plan. It's an okay GPS but not my favourite. 
  • De lijn & NMBS : Since I don't have a license I travel everywhere with public transport, so knowing when I have a train or bus is pretty crucial. 
  • Heart rate : It's an app that measures your heart rate. 
  • Clue : Clue is a great app for all the girls/ladies out there. It's specifically designed to track your menstrual cycle, but you can track so much more with it. 
  • Waterlogged : If I don't keep track of how much water I drink, I don't drink enough water. So next to tracking it in my planner, I also use this app. 
  • Sleep cycle : This is the app that I use as my alarm clock in the morning. It tracks your sleep and calculates the best time for you to wake up 

  • Flic : Since I only have 16GB space on my phone, I need to frequently clean out my pictures. Flic is a great and super easy app to do so. You just flic the pictures you want to keep to the right. 
  • CamScanner : I hate loose paper, so when I don't need to actually keep a physical copy of something I immediately scan it with my phone. 
  • Befocused : This is a great app for students, but also for people who have a lot of different things on their to-do list. It's basically a timer based on the Pomodoro technique. You have blocks of 25 min in which you focus on one single task. After those 25 minutes you have a short 5 minute break and after 4 blocks of 25 minutes you get a longer break. This technique helps me get so much more done. 
  • Dropbox : Things I need to acces on multiple devices I place on my dropbox. It's a habit I picked up in school but it's definileyt something that you can use for the rest of your life. 
These were all of my favourite apps, I know it was quite a big list, but I'm always using my phone for something so. If you guys have any app that you can't live without be sure to share them with me. 

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