Weekends are for comfortable basics

by - Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hi, hope everybody is having a splendid weekend. I always spend my weekend with my boyfriend. Most of the time we just relax, and when the weather is nice we take our dog for a nice long walk or we get our bikes out and go for a ride.
Today was spent just relaxing inside since I had to edit next week's video.

These joggers are perfect those early fall days when the sun is still lovely but when you're in the shadows it can get a bit chilly. I would say late September is a good date to get out my long-sleeves. I picked up this cropped one from H&M last year, but I'm sure they have some similar ones in-store right now.

White sneakers are steadily becoming a classic which everyone should have in their closet. I know I love mine and will definitely keep wearing mine well into autumn and winter. Mine are from Primark, but you can find them almost everywhere.

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Similar Sneakers : Buffalo - Adidas - Adidas

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