Tips on how to pack perfectly for a weekend getaway

by - Thursday, September 29, 2016

_DSC3333 I used to hate packing, especially for a single weekend away. I always ended up with way too much stuff that I didn't need or ended up not wearing. Although I'm still not the perfect packer, I have found these tips that help me not over packing.

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  • Make a list. - This one may seem obvious , but having a list with everything you need to makes packing your bag way easier. It also lessens the chance that you might forget something important, like a toothbrush. 
  •  Visualise your outfits. - By already laying out which outfits you plan to wear, you'll be less inclined to bring too many items of clothes. Or bring things that don't go with anything else you've brought. 
  •  Don't wait until the last minute - I myself am also guilty of packing the day it itself. But let's face it we always end up with ten things we definitely didn't need. 
  •  Be practical. - If you're going for a weekend up in the mountains, there's no need for you to bring you strappy heels with you. Also, check the weather where you're going. No need to bring a coat when it's gonna be 18°C at least?
  • Have a weekend bag/ suitcase which fits everything. - . Even when I go away for 2 weeks, I try to make sure everything fits in one suitcase, shoes and all. This particularly pertains towards travel by car, because we can be tempted to just throw another bag in the trunk.
These where my 4 simple tips to help you guys pack for a quick weekend getaway, without over packing of forgetting anything.
I've also made a basic list for you guys to help you get started. This is the starting list which I always use, depending on where/when I'm going I change out my clothing.

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