Sometimes life gets in the way

by - Tuesday, October 04, 2016

You know those moments in life when you think things are starting to fall into place but then shit happens and you just want to give up.
That's the feeling I have after this weekend, not that I had  a bad weekend. Contrary, I had a pretty nice weekend away with my family. The beginning of our weekend was not so nice, whilst we were on our way to Maredsous (where we were staying) some idiot drove into our car, luckily nobody was hurt, but we had to wait almost an hour before we could continue our journey plus we had to drive on the spare tire, so our speed was limited.
But the rest of the weekend was really nice.

Sometimes you just feel like nothing is working in your favour, and you don't want to try anymore.
When I get in this mood, I allow myself 1/2 days of doing nothing and wallowing. But after those days I need to kick my ass back in gear and stop with the self-pitying.
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