Replacing empty products and treating myself some new bits

by - Thursday, October 27, 2016

Real Technique Brushes / Essence Loose PowderWhen it comes to makeup I don't really buy new things that often, except perhaps lip products. I have my set everyday product and when something is empty I replace it with either a repurchase or I try a new product.

That being said I ran out of my face powder, so I needed a new one. Before I would always go for a compact powder simply because it's less messy and way easier in use, at least in my opinion. This time I ended up getting a loose powder purely because I like the finish better if that makes any sense.

If you know me you know I love Essence, it's a great budget brand with good quality plus it's cruelty-free. I picked up their stay all day translucent fixing powder. I'm always iffy with translucent powder as sometimes they can leave a white wash over your face. Luckily this one leaves no wash. It gives my face a nice flawless finish without looking too powdery. As for it's lasting powers, my face still looks pretty okay in the evening.

I did buy a new set of brushes, as a treat for myself. I rarely buy new brushes, again only when they really need replacing or if I feel like I'm missing a certain type of brush. Beforehand I used a Bodyshop blusher brush to apply my contour with. I had been on the look-out for a proper contour brush for a while now and I decided to pick up this set from Real Techniques. It was cheaper to buy the set then one single brush.

This is the core collection. It contains 4 brushes and a brush-holder. I mainly bought it for the contour brush, but I've been using the buffing brush to apply my powder with. I adore the finish the buffing brushes gives my powder. The contour brush is great contouring my cheekbones, and even the rest of my face. The set also contains a pointed foundation brush, which I haven't used yet since I use their miracle complexion sponge to apply my foundation. The other brush is a detailer brush, which will be great for applying concealer to neaten up an eye look or lipstick.
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